Shin Okubo or Korean town is were one goes for authentic Korean food but honestly speaking, Yakiniku or Korean Barbecue restaurants are located all over Tokyo. In fact, I can go as far as to say every neighborhood has a Korean restaurant. Just a stone’s throw away from JR Otsuka station is Daishoen. A popular … More Daishoen

Maeda Residence

Tokyo has a few western style mansions that have been designated as cultural assets and this is definitely one of the best plus entrance is free. I ended up taking over 100 pictures. A visit here, transports us to the posh and lavish lifestyle of the affluent and aristocratic society in the 1930’s ~ 40’s. … More Maeda Residence


Sonya has been around since 1984 but moved to their present location – Koishikawa, in December 2002. It just happens to be in my neck of the woods so thought of dropping in. The ambience is very warm and cosy. It is kinda like eating in your dining/kitchen area. It is run by a family … More Sonya~ソーニヤ

Botanist Café

The popular Japanese brand, Botanist, sells many hair products that are made with natural, plant-derived ingredients. They also have a plethora of attractive beauty and skincare products. But that’s not all, they have a cafe on the 2nd floor too. The store in Harajuku opened on July 15th, 2017. It is a minutes walk from … More Botanist Café

Oto No Ha Café

After celebrating fall foliage at Hotel Chinzanzo’s garden and worshipping at St. Mary’s Cathedral, it was time to nourish the body, heart and soul with something healthy. So, I trotted off to Oto No Ha Café  just across from the cathedral. This café opened in May 2013. It is a nice, spacious, cosy two story house … More Oto No Ha Café