Hanami ~ 2K18

Old man winter has retreated. The long, cold, dry and deary winter spell is over. So, I decided to bike around the neighborhood & enjoy Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season. Parks, gardens, roadsides & just about any nook & cranny you find a cherry blossom tree, you will see families, friends and colleagues having a … More Hanami ~ 2K18

Tokyo Fire Museum

Was on a Craigslist errand at Yotsuya sanchome and decided to take a tour of the Tokyo Fire Museum which is dedicated to the history of firefighting in Japan from the past to the present. The museum is housed in the Yotsuya Fire Station and is run by the Tokyo Fire Department. Admission is free. … More Tokyo Fire Museum

Café Kai

The café is a joint venture between Tully’s and Ito-En. They have been successful in amalgamating Western & Japanese styles. It is located in the corner on the first / ground floor of Kitte ~ Japan Post’s building adjacent to Tokyo station. The café stands out from the others for offering service at the table. Apart … More Café Kai