Shutters ~シャッターズ


After visiting La Vita in Jiyugaoka I dropped into Shutters after reading some positive reviews on social media.
For starters, I ordered the Sashimi Salad (¥1614), and for main course their specialty – Spareribs (¥2160) ~ flavored with a choice of mustard and pepper and a side of garlic butter & Mentaiko Toast (¥700). Pretty pricey lunch for one person (¥4474 incl. tax) , so the highly recommended apple pie had to wait until next time !
The sashimi salad was fresh & well balanced. The spareribs was a dry preparation with the right amount of mustard & pepper. The meat was tender and came off the bone easily. But you are not going to enjoy licking your fingers as you do, when gorging on sweet, tangy and sticky spareribs. Have definitely had better ribs. In fact, the flavored toast was the highlight. Done to perfection and the aroma itself gave me a high.
They have an English menu and the staff do try their utmost to communicate. Just remember, if you are dining alone you can’t avail of the set lunch menu because you need to be a party of two or more. Can’t see the logic in that.
I think the weekend menu is a bit too pricey, so try and visit them during weekdays.


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