Tokyo Fire Museum

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Was on a Craigslist errand at Yotsuya sanchome and decided to take a tour of the Tokyo Fire Museum which is dedicated to the history of firefighting in Japan from the past to the present. The museum is housed in the Yotsuya Fire Station and is run by the Tokyo Fire Department. Admission is free.

A must visit if you are with kids plus it gives a vivid sense of how fire fighting evolved in Japan. It’s a fun, interactive experience because kids can dress up as fire fighters, climb onto a firetruck, and the highlight is flying over Tokyo on a rescue mission on the helicopter flight simulator !

On display are old school fire fighting engines and equipment; exhibits that take you through mechanization & modernization of the fire service organizations; interesting dioramas, documents, woodblock prints, firefighting gear ~ showing the fire & rescue efforts in the 17th – 18th centuries.

Access ~ Exit 2 at Yotsuya-sanchome station on the Marunouchi subway line, leads you directly into the basement level entrance of the museum. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30am to 5pm, closed on Mondays.

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2 thoughts on “Tokyo Fire Museum

  1. Thank you for putting me onto the Museum. I am a firefighter back in Australia and on my 8 trips to Tokyo I have never been to this Museum. I went there last Saturday afternoon and enjoyed myself. It was also good to see many parents and children attending as well.


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