Café Kai

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The café is a joint venture between Tully’s and Ito-En. They have been successful in amalgamating Western & Japanese styles. It is located in the corner on the first / ground floor of Kitte ~ Japan Post’s building adjacent to Tokyo station.

The café stands out from the others for offering service at the table. Apart from an array of tea and coffee they offer some nice desserts too. If you can, avoid going on weekends since there is always a long line waiting to be seated.

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2 thoughts on “Café Kai

  1. Wow! I am heading to Japan again in a couple of weeks, staying near Tokyo station. So I will try this out.
    Over the last few trips I have proudly collected enough stamps on my Tully’s coffee card to get a free coffee! Totally insignificant I know, but since I live thousands of kilometres away … a bit of an achievement.


    1. It definitely is an achievement ! And while you are there drop by the small museum on the 2nd floor - and go to the 7th floor in the Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. (bang across from Tokyo Stn. Central exit) to get a birds eye view….

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