Akatsuka Botanical Gardens

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Akatsuka Botanical Gardens is adjacent to Jōrenji Temple that houses the Tokyo Daibutsu. After you exit the temple turn right and it’s in front, just after you pass the baseball batting range.

This garden came into existence in 1981. It is not that big, just 1 hectare or 10,000㎡. It has over 600 species of trees, flowers, wild plants & medicinal plants. Definitely a welcome site after coming in from the concrete jungle.

The sights, sounds and smell depends on when or what season you visit the garden. As for me I made the mistake of going at the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the sweltering Japanese summers ! It was nice to be surrounded with a lot of greenery and colorful, dainty butterflies flitting around and dragonflies – the masters of flight, putting on quite an aerial show, but the heat & occasional mosquitoes were a pain in the wrong place. I enjoyed myself though. As an added bonus I was lucky to see the wonderful exhibition of a Photography Club at the premises. The pictures depicted Mother Nature in all her splendour !

Check out this pdf brochure about how to get there, their hours and the different kinds of specific flora & fauna ~ http://www.city.itabashi.tokyo.jp/c_kurashi/065/attached/attach_65807_4.pdf

This is a link to a Japanese site describing the garden. The pictures are beautiful & gives you a feel of what the garden looks like.


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