The Deck Coffee & Pie

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I’m not one that shouts – I need blood in my caffeine system, nor am I a coffee addict, coffee snob, coffee enthusiast, coffee connoisseur, coffeeaholic, coffee geek, coffeephile, caffeine head, expressionist and one can go on & on. But if you are a simple coffee lover, you are definitely gonna love this place that serves their own house roasted coffee and coffee from Guatemala, Brazil, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Head out of Harajuku JR Yamanote station’s Takeshita Exit, turn left & head north a few blocks, pass the Nescafé café on your right & go past the famous Ramen restaurant Afuri on your left & you will find this cosy café a few meters ahead. Sitting out on the deck on a sunny day is fun except during the hot & sultry Tokyo summers, where you are better off lounging inside the cosy café.

I was actually looking for another restaurant in the vicinity but it was closed so decided on dropping in at the Deck Coffee & Pie. They serve savoury pot pies like ~ meat pie, lobster bisque pie, butter chicken pie, hamburg pot pie and sweet pies like ~ apple crumble, strawberry & banana tart, chestnut & custard pie, cream cheese & cherry crumble. etc. Lunch comprises of a set of pies, salads, curry or steak with fries/onion rings. For dinner (weekdays only) they have a few dishes like buritto, pizza and steak apart from some snacks & pies of course.

So, if you have had your fill of shopping and site seeing around Meiji shrine, Harajuku and Takeshita dori then head up here to relax & unwind. It is a kid & pet friendly place and they play some nice music too !

Btw. I’m not the grammar police but see if you can find the typo/spelling error most common in this part of the world, in my pictures.

Check out their website ~


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