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Celebrity Chef Akira Watanabe ~ famous for introducing Bagna Càuda to Japan is responsible for the healthy, delicious, vegetable centric restaurants ~ Mr. FARMER, located in Shinjuku, Omotesando, Roppongi Hills & Komazawa Park (which doubles up as an evacuation center in times of an emergency). He is renowned for his chain of AWkitchen restaurants run by the company Eat-Walk ~

Well, we decided to dine at the Shinjuku restaurant located in the My-Lord Mall (新宿ミロード), South West corner of Shinjuku station. You definitely know what you are getting into when you step into Mr. FARMER, where they profess ~ “No vegetables No Life” so, the dishes conjured up include a lot of organic vegetables, vegan dishes, superfood toppings like Spirulina, Quinoa, Chia seeds, etc.

Since there were just the two of us it was difficult to sample out the variety of appetisers, salads, salad wraps, protein packed main dishes, desserts & healthy beverages. For starters we ordered the Avocado cups stuffed with Zuwai Crab & Salsa ~ a great amalgamation of flavors plus the safe thought of not experiencing an ER nightmare by avoiding ‘avocado hands’ , and the Vegan salad with Tofu & edible wild plants ~ fresh, crunchy, crispy with a tangy miso dressing that gave it that extra kick. For main course we had the Herb Roasted Chicken with Quinoa Tabbouleh ~ honestly, there is nothing like simple roast chicken but everyone comes up with a way to improve it and this dish was really simple and comforting; the Vegan Green Curry served with brown rice was toned down but definitely had that Thai punch. The food portions were just right & at the end we were contemplating whether to order dessert. We didn’t order drinks since we had already dropped in at a local pub before but we accompanied our food with four different fruit & herb flavored water from the gimmicky self service ‘water-bar’. Tiramisu, Cheese cake and Chocolate mousse were up for grabs but we leaned towards the chocolate mousse made from soy which was an interesting take on the classic dessert.

Overall, Mr. FARMER was a wholesome dining experience. As usual, your fellow diners will largely comprise of women & a few couples. The abundance of greenery further adds to the ambience but the price might put off a few diners.

You can check out what TripAdvisor has to say  –


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