Aloha Table ~ アロハテーブル

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Was invited for lunch by an old friend visiting from the States & landed at Aloha Table located in the Grand Bloom Sakura bldg. on the 2nd floor, Iidabashi on the JR Sobu line.

Their HQ is located in Honolulu & they have restaurants in Hiroo, Gotanda, Harajuku, Kasumigaseki, Daikanyama, Ginza and Iidabashi to name a few ~

Hawaiian food is basically a diverse blend of many cuisines. It is influenced by Polynesian, American, European, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Filipino settlement & immigration that took root down the ages., A few staple Hawaiian dishes that come to mind are ~ Lomi lomi salmon, Loco Moco, Chicken long rice, Kalua pork, Squid luau, Poi, Laulau, Poke, Malasadas, Saimin, Manapua, Spam Musubi and so on.

Well, there are a slew of Hawaiian restaurants in Tokyo & I’ve been to a few but Aloha Table in Iidabashi has a nice ambience due to it’s location & the food and service are commendable. Their salads are nice, in fact my friend just made a meal of the Hawaiian local cobb salad with a choice of 3 toppings served with passion fruit dressing on the side. The rest of us dove into our Aloha mix plates that comprised of ~ loco moco, poke (poh-keh), savory custard, shrimp in ginger garlic sauce, fried chicken and coconut custard dessert. By the way, we could help ourselves to as much chicken soup as we wanted ~ I guess it’s only a weekend or holiday thing. E ‘ai kākou !

If you are in the area I would definitely recommend going to Aloha Table to relax & unwind after which you can laze around over a cup of coffee at Starbucks or visit the Taiwanese cafe next door that serves Tapioca tea apart from other delicacies. You could also head across the canal to Canal Café or Kagurazaka, which is a traditional part of town that offers various gastronomic delights.


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