Organic Table by Lapaz

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The restaurant is a little out of the way between Sendagaya on the Sobu line & Gaienmae on the Ginza line. About a 7-10 min walk from either station and a good way to build up an appetite or get a nice workout after a healthy meal.

Organic Table by Lapaz started off as a lifestyle shop by Yukari Ota, selling furniture, sundries and works of art & was also used to hold work shops. They shifted focus onto food and the restaurant was born in 2014 .

They are proud to serve vegan organic food right down to chemical free condiments. The menu focuses on ” vegan junk food ” like Veggie Burgers, Soy Nuggets, Fried Vegetables, Tofu croquettes, etc.

For lunch we ordered the Avocado & Soy fillet with brown rice buns & Tofu Cheese burger with mix grain rice buns. Ordered a side of fried veggies, soy meat nuggets & lentil soup. The Bread buns are substituted with Rice buns, which could at times be a little hard but I guess this consistency is to hold all the ingredients together. Don’t get me wrong, the food is definitely delicious. The cheese cake and apple crumble were the perfect desserts to end an excellent meal.

A wonderful cozy atmosphere with the usual polite service. Servers speak a little English and menus are available in English, too. Some may find this place a little steep but all Vegan places fall into the same category,  furthermore restaurants in this part of town vary from moderately priced to expensive.

The restaurant’s website –


One thought on “Organic Table by Lapaz

  1. Goodness, you find the best places! I’m always looking for something like this when I’m in Japan, but I have yet to come across one. I would love to check this out next time I’m in the area!


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