Yamashiroya shozo

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Just a stones throw away from Hachiko in Shibuya, Yamashiroya serves modern, creative Kyoto style cuisine in a  simple but elegant atmosphere. One can’t imagine such an exquisite restaurant is tucked away in the midst of the humdrum of Shibuya. The chefs (who wear ties) orchestrated an outstanding meal. Can’t wait to go back again and try out their seasonal menus. We decided to sample out the elaborate dinner course below, for ¥3990 + tax.

Sakizuke : Tapioca tofu with green soy beans topped with fresh sea urchin and caviar. A subtle burst of unique flavors.

Wan-mono : Delicately flavored Bonito based soup served with Hanpen ~ yam, minced pollock & soft shelled turtle.

Hassun : a mélange of ingredients that compliment each other perfectly. Boiled Shungiku (fresh,crunchy & astringent chrysanthemum greens) & Japanese parsley; boiled Broad Beans with Truffle flavored salt; Parmigiano flavored deep fried Kibinago (herring); boiled rape blossoms wrapped in Mortadella Ham; dried Persimmon with Foie gras; Myoga (ginger) presented to resemble sushi.

Nimono : Mild, delicate & sweet Cod with rich, creamy cod roe, cooked along with Japanese herbs.

Sorbet : Perfectly blended Peach sorbet.

Main dish : boiled Chamiton pork (pigs fed on tea to make their meat rich in vitamin E & low in cholesterol ) served with wasabi, plum & saké foam.

Shokuji : Ochazuke with char grilled conger eel, flavored with tandoori spice. A surprisingly delicious combination.

Dessert : Sweet bean paste & strawberry spring rolls served with ice cream made from Hojicha (a roasted, nutty, earthy green tea )

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