Hossawa Falls ~ 払沢の滝 ~ ほっさわのたき

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Read a post on an old friends Facebook timeline, where he was looking for company to join him on a trip to Hossawa falls in Hinohara village in Okutama, an hour away from Tokyo. This waterfall is also known as Hinohara falls, and is one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan.

After exchanging a couple of messages the previous night, we met up in Musashi Itsukaichi, which is a little over an hours journey on the Chuo line from Shinjuku. A 20 minute bus ride (be aware that frequency is really scarce) took us to Hosawa-no-taki bus stop & a short 10 min hike brought us to the waterfall. The short exhilarating hike was enough to absorb the beautiful Autumn foliage and breathe in the fresh, clear, crisp mountain air that we city dwellers die for.

Since my friend is a professional photographer, he set up his paraphernalia & started doing his thing while I just wandered off the beaten path and enjoyed the view from many angles. There is a small shed to rest near the falls where a group of hikers were having lunch so, I made myself comfortable near them nibbled on a few snacks while I people watched. Enjoyed seeing how people were basically overdressed i.e dressed to the hilt in hiking / trekking gear. Honestly, a pair of good walking shoes is all you need with some warm clothes if you are heading there during the fall. In winter you better suit yourself up because the waterfall is frozen & it is lit up in different hues.  Anyway, you do get to see a fashion parade at times with a few young girls dressed in their Sunday best with high heels, short skirts, etc. all this mixed with the cacophony of amazement from many hikers who view the falls & loud overseas tourists & clicks from a lot of camera shutters. An interesting amalgamation of sight & sound. Definitely a worthwhile activity to while away time.

After a couple of hours (that’s how long my friend takes to complete shooting his projects) we headed back & bought some wooden fridge magnets at the small souvenir place on the way & then dropped in at café Yamabeco at the foot of the hill & downed a couple of beers out of clay glasses. This quaint cafe also sells some nice pottery. One can get a beautiful shot from inside the café through their large windows (see attached picture). Then we headed back in high spirits (pun intended) to the pollution & humdrum of city life….

Check out the live webcam feed of the falls ~ http://vill.hinohara.tokyo.jp/takilivecamera/small/cameraB.html


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