noukanodaidokoro salad bar noukanodaidokoro salad quiche batter fried yam noukanodaidokoro platter sweet corn soup sliced beef steamed seafood tomato ochazukay yogurt with strawberry purée

Had an action packed three day weekend . Spent a wonderful evening at a farewell dinner for a friend at “El Camino” in Akasaka. After which we went bar hopping, karaoke & landed up early next morning eating at ‘Chinese Cafe 8.’ So, you can understand the state I was in the next day. Well, to even out the rich oily food & drinks I decided to eat healthy & landed up for dinner the next day at “Nouka no Daidokoro” which literally translates to Farmers Kitchen.

They have some great deals for lunch but we were there for dinner (¥4102 The course included a buffet salad bar, where a chef continuously replenished the bowls with freshly cut, succulent, crispy & crunchy vegetables. I forgot how many trips I made to the salad bar !! You are then served chilled corn soup followed by small portions of batter fried yam, carpaccio of ham & a quiche, exquisitely presented on a platter, garnished with a lot of veggies. Next came a dish of thin slivers of beef which you had to grill on a miniature hot plate & a dish of steamed fish, shrimps, clams and cabbage all wrapped in a plastic bag which was cut open in front of you, releasing a burst of captivating aromas. A bowl of rice topped with a stewed tomato floating in its juices, miso soup and a farm fresh raw egg followed. Dessert was fresh yogurt topped with strawberry purée. Barley tea was served all through the meal.

Overall, it was a fulfilling dining experience. If you stand at Shinjuku sanchome crossing with Isetan behind you & the JTB building adjacent to your right, you will see the Louis Vuitton store right in front of you. Cross the road & turn left, you will see a lingerie store on your right. There is an elevator in that building that will take you to the 4th floor.

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