Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais ~ ルグドゥノム・ブション・リヨネ

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Caught up with friends after ages at this traditional French restaurant in Kagurazaka. Visiting this part of town is a must if you come to Tokyo. The lanes & by-lanes of Kagurazaka have a trove of local traditional restaurants. And since Institut Français du Japon is located in nearby Iidabashi, its no wonder there is an array of  upscale French restaurants, bistros & brasseries here.

Apart from exquisitely dishing out the heart & soul of the culinary traditions of Lyon, Chef Paucod has also created an authentic & traditional ambiance of his hometown with the furniture, bar counter, floor tiles, pictures & the cast iron spiral staircase imported from France.

Some of the dishes we relished were ~ Turnip Soup, Pig Ear Salad, Assorted Cold Cuts, Pork Blood Sausage, Quenelles with Nantua sauce, Rabbit Confit, Baba au Rhum & Praline Tart with Meringue.

Overall, it was an outstanding dining experience at an affordable price at the only bouchon in the world that can boast of a Michelin star !

Check out the restaurant’s beautiful website for more details here ~


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