Yasaiya-Mei ~ やさい家めい




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Yasaiya Mei is located on the 3F of the sleek, high-end designer mall ~ Omotesando Hills. Even though Yasai Mei rubs shoulders with brand luxury boutiques, it maintains its friendly & efficient service, affordable prices & serves local dishes that have been prepared with imagination & a lot of care.

The menu revolves around vegetables, of which you will see a prominent display by the entrance, but one can get other staple dishes made of fish, chicken, beef, etc. They procure their vegetables from local farmers & their own garden & almost all are grown organically.

For lunch we choose from an array of set meals ranging from ¥1390 to ¥3000 plus taxes. They also serve elaborate course meals. Will definitely go back & sample out the intriguing mix of dishes on their à la carte menu.

They now have restaurants all around town ~ Kashiwa, Gotanda, Roppongi Hills, Azabu-juban, Ueno & Yokohama.

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