Meguro Ga Jo En 目黒雅叙園

Meguro Gajoen is Tokyo’s longest running wedding venue, and one of the most exquisite. It was opened in 1931 by Rikizo Hosokawa as a restaurant specializing in Japanese & Peking cuisines. He later built Japan’s first wedding hall which contained banquet rooms, guest rooms, shrine, church & photo studio.

Meguro Gajoen, which is a registered tangible cultural asset, is located in Meguro, convenient for both business and entertainment purposes. This luxury venue was totally renovated in 1988 and comprises of banquet halls, restaurants, accommodations, and a gallery. This Japanese-Western fusion  style architecture with lavish sculptures, vivid murals and ceiling paintings reflects the Edo style. In fact it was an inspiration for the Oscar-winning animation film, “Spirited Away”.

As you enter, you walk down a long corridor decorated with ornately carved wooden panels & mother-of-pearl pictures. After walking through a huge gate called the Gate of Invitation, you enter the atrium & a picturesque Japanese garden. Apart from the cafe, the Chinese, Japanese  & Steakhouse restaurants here are expensive. You must make a pit stop at the restroom which is definitely a sight to behold.


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