Far East Bazaar ファーイーストバザール

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After a wholesome dinner at Yusoshi we wandered into The Far East cafe next door. It is located on the 6th floor, in Lumine~1 department store at the South exit of Shinjuku station. The interior decor is made up of dark wood, traditional brass engraved tables, big glass jars containing different ingredients from all over the world like nuts, fruits, seeds, herbs, spices, natural salts and much more. In fact, you can pick and choose from ingredients & create your own personalized mix. Everything adds up to creating the ideal ambiance. To top it off, the servers were efficient & friendly.

We decided to try their ice creams as they offer flavors typical for the Middle East – something you normally don’t find. The strong flavors and the soft- creamy texture of the ice creams were a delight to eat. The Apple & Banana cake and Egyptian Date tart looked tantalizing, so we ordered them along with a refreshing pot of Rose-hip tea.

If you every find yourself in Shinjuku, head to the Far East cafe to relax, unwind or feel rejuvenated, over more than just a cup of tea or coffee.


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