Robot Restaurant~‎ロボットレストラン

Being hyped & marketed pretty well. It is not a restaurant but a place to see some high energy music & dance shows. Well, there are better shows around town for that price, so just leave all your expectations & inhibitions outside before you enter & just go with the flow. If not, then you are not going to enjoy the show.

Located in Kabukicho, which happens to be the seedy part of town. So be prepared. An elevator will take you to the 3rd floor which opens into a bright, psychedelic lounge. You are greeted by some good live music being belted out by a band dressed as robots. A bar serves drinks while you wait for the show to start. When it is time, you have to proceed to the basement & go down colorful & garish staircases. The show is wacky & portrays a hotchpotch of dance routines & an over the top battle between aliens, earthlings & a host of creatures ~ a snake, an ape, a bee, kung fu panda, etc. Hats off to them for pulling off the show in such a small cramped place. If you sit in the front row, please watch out for some props, in fact you have to duck a few times. The music could get a bit loud at times. It lasts for over an hour with a few breaks in between.

Please grab a bite before you enter because they do not serve food. Just snacks & drinks. I did see some folks with Bento boxes (¥1000) but they did not look too appetizing & definitely not worth the price.

By the way, if you can get hold of a couple of free magazines like the Metropolis or Tokyo Timeout, you can cut out the ad & get a ¥1000 off the entrance price of ¥7000, for one person only.

Here is the site in English ~


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