Kyoto~Italian Cuisine at Code Kurkku~コードクルック

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An interesting concept that started in 2011. It is called Yoyogi Village. It brings a breath of fresh air to Yoyogi from the nondescript back alley restaurants, highrise buildings and shabby stores. This complex highlights an eco- friendly  and sustainable environment. Shipping containers painted in white have been converted into small shops, cafes and bars which are surrounded with a beautiful landscaped garden with plants from all over the world.

After you pass through this you arrive at Code Kurkku which is in a two story building. As you enter, to the left is a retro music bar & to your right is the small lobby where you can eat (seats 12). The staircase in front, leads to the VIP room on the 2nd floor. The open kitchen brings you into the spacious, high ceiling restaurant that seats 36.

Chef Yasuhiro Sasajima, who is known for his famous restaurants in Kyoto ~ the Il Ghiottone, which serves the finest Italian cuisine, opened Code Kurkku. His dishes have a  modern flair with a lot of cross-cultural touches.

All the ingredients were in harmony and the food was laced with distinctive aromas, bursting with subtle flavors. An absolute gastronomic orgasm enhanced by the impeccable service & chic ambiance.

For lunch they have two prix-fixe menus priced at ¥2500 and ¥4500, tax is included in the price. They have an interesting wine selection that is all organic, bio-dynamic or sulphate free.


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