Allt Gott ~ アルトゴット ~ Swedish Restaurant

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While strolling through the maze of lanes in Kichijoji, a fluttering Swedish flag caught my eye. Allt Gott which literally translates to – ‘everything’s good’ is located on the 2nd floor of a nondescript building. The flight of stairs opens up into the display kitchen & the restaurant which seats 28 people, has a lot of traditional artifacts that add to the authentic & warm atmosphere.

Apart from a Japanese flair to the dishes, the Chef infuses the characteristic flavors of Swedish cuisine, too. No offense meant, but I guess the small population of Sweden (9.5 million) could be the reason why their cuisine does not have a global impact. The Chef has definitely made us aware that there is so much more than meatballs, and he has added finesse & elegance to this little known cuisine. And not to forget the efficient service that made the dining experience intimate & unpretentious.

For lunch they offer an A Course meal – ¥1800 and a B Course meal – ¥2800 while for dinner, apart from à la carte, they have 3 set meals priced at ¥4000, ¥6000 & ¥8000 plus 8﹪consumption tax.

Information in Japanese only ~


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