Asakusa Samba Carnival ~ 浅草サンバカーニバル

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The 34th Asakusa Samba Carnival kicks off on August 29th from 1pm to 6pm. So, here are some pictures to get you into the rhythm & join the festivities. Apart from the amazing array of photographic equipment on display, I am sure you will enjoy the parade of ornate floats, pulsating bands & exotic dancers with their dazzling & elaborate costumes.

Brazil has the largest Japanese community living outside of Japan, so this festival highlights the strong cultural relationship between the two countries. This festival has definitely become a major draw over the years and though it may not be as spectacular as the one in Rio, it is just as close !

With all events come enormous crowds, so if you want to beat them arrive early. Asakusa station falls in the middle of the parade so it is obviously crowded but if you head to Tawaramachi station on the Ginza line, it could be less crowded since its close to the finishing point of the parade. Bom divertimento !


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