Shiroichi~白一 渋谷店 Raw Milk Ice cream

shiroichishiroichi icecreamshiroichi

After enjoying a hectic weekend partying at the Brazilian Festival in Yoyogi park, which hosts numerous International Festivals, music concerts, local events, etc., we had to trudge back to Shibuya station. On the way, we were happy to see the famous ice cream parlor ‘Shiroichi’ had moved to a spacious area next door from where the cramped & inconspicuous parlor still stands. Over the years I have always seen this place overflowing with customers & it was a pleasant surprise to see this expansion. As usual, people were thronging the place to beat the hot and muggy summers here in Tokyo. They have stores in South Korea & Taipei.

Cannot believe they just sell five items ~ Raw milk ice cream, Hokkaido milk with ice cream, Coffee with ice cream, Kyoto green tea, dango, red beans with ice cream & Black sesame powder, dango, walnuts & ice cream. Shiroichi serves its raw milk ice cream in small cone cups where the ice cream curls into a long spiral that makes balancing it a challenge. I have seen some customers pose outside the shop for selfies & end up dropping their ice creams. So, a word of advice ~ just skip the photo session and dig in and savor this fresher, healthier and almost sorbet like treat !

Their website in Japanese, will give you a fair idea of whats in store if you decide to drop by ~


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