Ain Soph Journey ~ アインソフ ジャーニー

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A popular haunt for Vegans. Ain Soph’s flag ship restaurant is in Ginza, which is under renovation & will open by the end of 2015. They have two other restaurants ~ Ain Soph Journey in Shinjuku & Ain Soph Soar in Ikebukuro.

Since I happened to be around Shinjuku, I dropped in for lunch at Ain Soph Journey. Apart from à la carte, they offer a couple of set course meals for lunch & dinner ranging from ¥1300 to ¥5000. I opted for the Sanctuary lunch course (¥3200). It comprised of a ‘vegetable parfait’ ~ raw veggies served in a glass with delicious homemade dressing. Next, were the tortillas with fried soy meat and dips. This was followed by a Tomato soup with brown rice & finally dessert with tea & coffee. The food presentation is visually appealing & the dishes are delicious but service seemed to be a bit too slow. If you are in the mood for a leisurely meal, it is fine but, if you are short of time I suggest going some place else.

The decor is minimalist, rustic & cozy but as usual a little cramped. While such places always have a majority of women clientele it could be a little noisy. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. Expectations are running high for the re-opening of the restaurant in Ginza this year end.

Get off at Shinjuku-sanchome station on the Marunouchi line & take exit C5 or it is a 10 min walk from Shinjuku station~East exit of the JR Yamanote line towards Isetan & Marui department stores. Walk past these stores until you see Resona bank on your left. Turn left & the restaurant is about 50m ahead.

Check out the link for more information ~


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