Paradise Dynasty ~ パラダイス ダイナシティ

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It is a branch of the restaurant in Singapore at ION Orchard. Paradise Dynasty serves Singaporean Chinese cuisine. It is located on Sotobori street in Ginza, just a stones throw away from the famous Sotobori Koban (police box) & across from Nishi Ginza shopping plaza. The 1F serves as a cafe-bar while the basement houses the main restaurant, though one can have a meal on the 1F. The Asian decor has a subtle colonial touch to it..

For lunch, they offer reasonably priced à la carte dishes & set menus ranging from ¥1070 to ¥1998 including tax.. We sampled the 6 course meal for ¥2800. It started off with a roast pork salad tossed with all the tropical fruits you can name, followed with two Xiao Long Bao (dim-sums), then a piping hot bowl of hot & sour soup with sharks fin & seafood, next was the succulent beef from Yamagata stir-fried with crisp seasonal vegetables in Oyster sauce, and after that we had shrimp fried rice with XO sauce & spicy Tan-tan mein (La mein). Finally, ended with dessert, tea & coffee.

Here’s their link for further details ~


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