Harvest ~ はーべすと

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Well, here is another vegetarian friendly place called the “Harvest.” It  is a chain of natural food restaurants. It is not completely vegetarian but the buffet (biking  in Japanese) features a lot of traditional Japanese-style dishes with an emphasis on vegetables and healthy eating.

It is located on the 9th floor of Lumine Building at the West exit of Ikebukuro station. Lunch costs ¥1942 (inclusive of 8% tax) & for an additional ¥214 you can avail of the non-alcoholic drink bar. Since the restaurant is very popular, you are given 90 minutes to tuck in as much as you want. It is an elaborate spread & I believe there are over 60 dishes to gorge on & eat to your heart’s content ! In fact, there are many buffet restaurants on the 9th floor. So, if you are gallivanting in Ikebukuro, be sure to head to The Harvest.

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