Canoviano Cafe ~ カノビアーノカフェ

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If you are craving for good Italian cuisine then trot over to Canoviano Cafe. It is nestled in the Tokyo Midtown Complex. This fine modern Italian restaurant lays emphasis on  infusing  fresh, organic, local ingredients with a Japanese flair.

The minimalist design, style, comfort & outstanding service will make you come back for more. We thoroughly enjoyed our decadent gourmet dining experience. Definitely worth the visit.

I suggest taking a leisurely stroll through the park near the restaurant to digest your meal. On the way, you can also take in the architectural minimalist design/gallery, created by fashion designer Issey Miyake & architect  Tadao Ando. Canoviano Cafe is attached to this building. You can view a lot of interesting sculptures on the way, too.

If you want to indulge yourself in some high end shopping, The Galleria welcomes you with open arms. Sometimes you may come across an exhibition, promotional event or local festival on the grounds usually on weekends. I happened to run into a display of British manufactured cars down the ages. Will post pictures later for car enthusiasts. In an earlier post I had mentioned about Paul Bocuse Brasserie, which is a stone’s throw away from here.

Here is a link to the restaurant’s website. Sorry, it is in Japanese only ~


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